Be You, Be Known, Be a BRAND!

There is something unique in each company/ individual. That thing that makes YOU a sought-after item. INTOUCH BRANDS helps YOU know your worth and Be YOU, a Top BRAND. ...Don't be lost in a crowd, be unique, STAND OUT...

Our Branding services coupled with PR will get YOU to the TOP!

You need VA services if you answer YES to any of the questions below:-

  • Are you a startup company and need guidance on how to run affairs?
  • Are you often out of office and need someone to pick calls and respond to emails?
  • Do you have a social media page that needs management?
  • Do you have a blog that needs creating & updating?
  • Do you have an event/ meeting that you need assistance planning for?
  • Do you need a personal assistant on special occasions?
  • Do you need us to create a newsletter?
  • Do you have audio files that you need transcribing?

Worry not, we've got you covered. We work virtually from our office to seamlessly execute the above duties. We can also dispatch a personal assistant on hire. Let us do the hustle.... Contact us!

About Us

Our aim is to build brands and to get brands noticed. Our services are customized to each client's needs. We focus on Time  & Quality to deliver as per Scope agreed in utmost excellence.  

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